“We are producers, researchers, innovators, expert   technicians, but above all, we are passionate about leather.

No, for us it is not just a trade”

Our history


We were born in one of the most important tanning districts in the world and grew up in a family that has always produced leather.
Marco Bettega Leather was born in 2012, developing articles purely for the world of footwear.
Thanks to dedication and continuous research, the company has grown over the years, improving processing techniques and perfecting customer service.

Marco Bettega Leather today


Today Marco, with the collaboration of the two brothers, produces articles for the footwear and leather goods sector, serving the Italian market but above all the international one.
The constant attention to the quality of the raw materials and products, but also of the production processes has helped to retain existing customers and to always acquire new ones.



Marco Bettega Leather is committed to respecting in a responsible manner the entrepreneurial and ethical principles in relations with our business partners.
The company is also engaged in safeguarding and conversing environmental resources, aiming for constant improvement.



Our intent is to spread leather in national and international markets through products that reflect Italian quality and identity.
This, with the prospect of retaining the market by aiming to increase the sales of our customers and obtain synergistic and constant growth over time.

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